GeekPwn Cybersecurity Contest U.S. 2018 Launch

GeekPwn is held by the security team KEEN, since 2014. It’s an international contest platform for security geeks to show their potential and passion. The projects at GeekPwn are of no limitation. In past GeekPwn events, different kinds of smart devices and systems like machine learning classifier, voiceprint identification systems, Smart phone, Drone, Robot, fingerprint recognition, smart home, […]

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2017 GeekPwn Mid-Year Contest Wrap-Up: Hacker and the Sea

GeekPwn has finished the mid-year contest in Hong Kong on May 13th. More than  38 vulnerabilities found by 12 groups of talented white-hat hackers. They demonstrate how easy to hack your vulnerable “smart devices”, including smartlock, router, switche, smart watch for children,  shared-bike, smart phone, self-balancing scooter, IP camera, as well as other Smart Home […]

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Call For Pwn

Dear Geeks, This is a call-up of GeekPwn 2016 (Macau). GeekPwn is a hacker/geeks’ contest focusing in smart devices. KEEN, a Chinese company holds it as a commonweal activity, aiming to encourage hackers to find out more security problems in smart devices and help manufactures to make their products securer. Keen and GeekPwn’s sponsors (Tencent, […]

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