2017 GeekPwn Mid-Year Contest Wrap-Up: Hacker and the Sea

GeekPwn has finished the mid-year contest in Hong Kong on May 13th. More than  38 vulnerabilities found by 12 groups of talented white-hat hackers. They demonstrate how easy to hack your vulnerable “smart devices”, including smartlock, router, switche, smart watch for children,  shared-bike, smart phone, self-balancing scooter, IP camera, as well as other Smart Home […]

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Call For Pwn

Dear Geeks, This is a call-up of GeekPwn 2016 (Macau). GeekPwn is a hacker/geeks’ contest focusing in smart devices. KEEN, a Chinese company holds it as a commonweal activity, aiming to encourage hackers to find out more security problems in smart devices and help manufactures to make their products securer. Keen and GeekPwn’s sponsors (Tencent, […]

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