GeekPwn Cybersecurity Contest U.S. 2018 Launch

launch kv

GeekPwn is held by the security team KEEN, since 2014. It’s an international contest platform for security geeks to show their potential and passion.

The projects at GeekPwn are of no limitation. In past GeekPwn events, different kinds of smart devices and systems like machine learning classifier, voiceprint identification systems, Smart phone, Drone, Robot, fingerprint recognition, smart home, SSL/TLS protocol etc. have all been PWN’ed successfully. More examples of GeekPwn highlights are available at GeekPwn Hall of Fame.


We will hold a GeekPwn contest as debut launch in November 13 in Silicon Valley this year. You’re welcome to join the festival and network with many domain experts, developers, and investors! See you soon!

Click HERE to register on-line for FREE!



Speakers and contestants of the Silicon Valley session will present the latest research result about security of smart devices, Internet of Things, Network, as well as AI, topics including:

09:30-09:50 Opening

Daniel Wang

Dawn Song

09:50-10:00 2018 May 12th Kick-off Ceremony
10:00-10:30 Speech

What’s NEW in Adversarial Machine Learning?

The recent advancement of adversarial machine learning

Alex Kurakin
10:30-11:00 Show

How Does Someone Unlock Your Phone With Nose?

Behind the PWN of the TrustZone

Nick Stephen
11:00-11:30 Pwn

How to Make Your Computer Pass the Turing Test

Cracking Google reCAPTCHA with Deep Learning

Wei Li, Li Shen
11:30-12:00 Speech

They’ve Created Images That Reliably Fool Neural Network

Robust Physical-World Attacks on Machine Learning Models

Bo Li
Lunch Break
13:00-13:20 Show

The Best Part of GeekPwn Started From 2014

GeekPwn Mania

13:20-13:50 Speech

The Awakening of AI, Friend or Foe?

Learning to Attack

Ian Fischer
13:50-14:20 Pwn

Be Careful With Your Click!

A new TCP hijack released at GeekPwn

Weiteng Chen

Zhiyun Qian

14:20-14:50 Show

What Leaves Attacker Hijacking USA Today Site

When TCP meets side channel

Zhiyun Qian
14:50-15:20 Show

Endless Illness to your helpless Phone

“Resident Evil” of SmartPhones–Wombie Attack

Huiming Liu
15:20-15:35 Tea Break
15:35-16:05 Show

When Someone Becomes You…

Attacks on Biometric Authentication at GeekPwn

Haibing Wang
16:05-16:20 Award Ceremony

For more information about GeekPwn, you may visit GeekPwn Offical Site, or follow  us on Twitter and Facebook.

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