GeekPwn Carnival 2016: Top Hackers Wanted

GeekPwn is the first global contest of its kind which is aimed for hackers to discover vulnerabilities of smart devices. GeekPwn Carnival 2016 is to be held in Shanghai, October 24th. Since June 20th, the 1024 Registration Portal is available.


Whether you are attracted by the contest’s 5-million-yuan prize, the third anniversary celebration, or you are eager to take part in the exploration into potential issues in AI development, welcome to join us! Good news for overseas contestants: GeekPwn Carnival 2016 will be simultaneously held in the U.S.

When they talk about GeekPwn, what exactly are they saying?


GeekPwn is a top stage for top hackers to show their talent in the field of smart devices security. During GeekPwn 2016 held in Macau, May12th, contestants successfully demonstrated hijacking TCP connections between remote communicating parties. Besides, Surface Pro 4, routers of 10 mainstream brands and other smart devices were pwned by exploiting their 0-day vulnerabilities.

Here is your chance to be part of GeekPwn Carnival 2016! Contestant Registration has already started!

Contest Categories

GeekPwn Carnival Contest 2016 will keep focusing on Smart Life.

The Contest features the following six categories.

The Contest awards its winners with a large amount of prize money (which has now reached ¥5 million), and the prize money for each category is up to ¥800,000.

Smartphone security category targets smart phones or tablets of several mainstream brands, such as Google, Samsung, Mi, Huawei, Apple, Motorola and so on. Other categories cover smart cars, UAV, smart bracelets, smart watch, smart glasses, webcam, routers, smart lock, smart socket, Play Station and any other devices belonging to Internet of Things.

Difficulty is no longer the only criterion of GeekPwn winners. Three more criteria are added, including influence, attack motivation and effects of demonstration.

Judges & Advisors

Judges and advisors for GeekPwn Carnival 2016 are all the authorities on information security.

Chief Judge:

  • Yu Yang   head of Tencent’s Xuanwu Lab (alias: TombKeeper)

Judging Panel:

  • Wei Tao   head of Baidu X-Lab
  • Wan Tao   co-founder of IDF Lab(alias: Hacker Eagle)
  • Xu Hao   leader of Jailbreak team Pangu targeting at iOS
  • Ge Jianwei   leader of team Blue-Lotus from Tsinghua University
  • Wang Yu   a famous information security expert
  • Yuan Renguang   head of Zhanlu Lab (alias: Yuange)
  • Wang Qi   founder of GeekPwn , founder and CEO of The KEEN Team

GeekPwn 3rd Anniversary Special Award


Since 2014, GeekPwn has been successfully held for three years. The event has been held in dozens of cities in the form of three contests, several public courses and special training camps. It has given full play to over a hundred outstanding hackers.

On October 24th, a series of special awards will go to the contestants, including “2014-2016 Best Team” “2014-2016 Best Contestant”, etc., so as to encourage the white-hat hackers who have done unique contributions to information security.

In addition to the individual award worth up to ¥800,000, the organizer, KEEN Team, has particularly set up other special awards for imaginative contestants, such as the Most Creative Award, Coolest Tech Award, Best Stage Effect Award and Geek Spirit Award.



From June 20th to October 10th, log on to and submit your online registration form. In two weeks, you will receive a reply on the result of the initial eligibility review by GeekPwn Organizing Committee. A final short list of contestants will be released afterwards.

Register Now >>>

You may also recommend contestants or projects to the Committee. If the contestant you have recommended wins an award with prize money, you will be rewarded with 10% of the money.

GeekPwn Carnival 2016 will be simultaneously held in the U.S. Looking forward to the excellent performance of overseas hackers!

registration form.png

Tickets for Audience

You may purchase the ticket for GeekPwn Carnival (Location : SHANGHAI)via the following three methods:

  1. Online purchasing:  log on to the Eventdove official website to buy the ticket.
  1. Bank transfer: send an email to, tell us the amount of ticket/ tickets to purchase, your name, contact number, address and other information needed. The Organizer will contact you soon.
  2. Through Paypal. GeekPwn Paypal account:

The ticket fee includes: full participation in all activities during the Carnival day, GeekPwn Souvenirs limited edition and a buffet lunch.

We are the people who pursue perfection, never follow the crowd; who possesses contrarian thinking and creativity. As long as you think like a Hacker, act like a Geek, and are full of passion, welcome to join us! You are the STAR!

About the Organizer

As international community of smart devices security, the Organizer, KEEN Team, provides GeekPwn Camps that offers security Attack & Defense training for manufacturers, so as to strengthen their product security. It organizes “GeekPwn Public Courses” to share security knowledges and promote exchange. It holds GeekPwn Contests in different countries and regions where white-hat hackers can give full play to their talents. GeekPwn Carnival is held annually on every October 24th.

The judges and advisors of GeekPwn are all the globally prestigious specialists and experts on information security. The KEEN Team is now ready to award outstanding Geeks from all over the world to honor their intelligence.


1024, Welcome to Shanghai, Welcome to GeekPwn !



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