Call For Pwn

Dear Geeks,

This is a call-up of GeekPwn 2016 (Macau).

GeekPwn is a hacker/geeks’ contest focusing in smart devices. KEEN, a Chinese company holds it as a commonweal activity, aiming to encourage hackers to find out more security problems in smart devices and help manufactures to make their products securer. Keen and GeekPwn’s sponsors (Tencent, Microsoft, Google, Huawei, etc. in 2014 and 2015) have already put 8,000,000 RMB (≈ 1,200,000 USD) into the prize pool. Considerable prize (up to 800,000 RMB ≈ 120,000 USD in a single event according to the rule) will be awarded to the hacker who succeeds to demonstrate pwning the smart device on GeekPwn’s stage. GeekPwn is currently one of the most influential hacker contests in Asia.

The target of pwn can be anything in the categories designated in the rule, such as smart phones, smart transportation (e.g. automobiles, drones), wearables, smart home devices (e.g. network surveillance cameras, routers), video game consoles, mobile apps. In GeekPwn 2015, 35 different products of 28 manufactures are successfully pwned. All of the involved vulnerabilities were reported to the manufactures (if they responded) according to the rule of responsible disclosure. Please visit to find the information of winners and pwned devices in the previous GeekPwn.

In the previous years, GeekPwn were held in the mainland of China. But in 2016, we decide to hold an extra mid-year contest in Macau on May 12th, with exactly the same rule, criteria and amount of prize as usual. The registration is already started and the deadline is April 20th. Macau is the world’s top casino market, surpassing Las Vegas. It lies besides Hong Kong and is also a special administrative region of China. So the procedure to enter Macau is fast and easy for foreigners. We hope this will make it more convenient for foreign hackers to attend GeekPwn. GeekPwn welcomes hackers all over the world.

If you are interested, please visit for detailed information and apply for GeekPwn.
If you know someone who maybe interested and capable, please forward this message to him/her.


GeekPwn Committee



Pictures of GeekPwn 2015

Pictures of GeekPwn 2014

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Video of GeekPwn 2014:

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