Robot Agents Enter Battle – This is GeekPwn2018

Imagine a laboratory sieged by secret agents. It seems an unlikely target, but our protagonists are searching for weaknesses that would grant them entry. They can creep in through ventilation shafts, dodge laser alarms, block surveillance cameras, and open safes.

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The final of Kaspersky Industrial CTF 2017 was held on October 24, at the GeekPwn in Shanghai. The industrial CTF (Capture The Flag) competition is a unique contest, which covers different aspects of cybersecurity and enables participants to test the virtual enterprise environment for possible vulnerabilities, according to the organiser Kaspersky Lab. Three teams competed in the […]

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GeekPwn2018 Call For PWN

Introduction of GeekPwn As one of the world’s leading platforms for cybersecurity researchers, GeekPwn enables security researchers and executives around the world to share their thoughts and findings. Since 2014, GeekPwn has successfully held 8 sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, and responsibly disclosed hundreds of critical security vulnerabilities and awarded […]

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GeekPwn2017 BRIEFINGS (Nov. 13th)

GeekPwn is coming to Silicon Valley AGAIN! It will be held at Computer History Museum on Nov. 13th, REGISTRATION is still open. You will not only witness security PWN shows, including cracking Google reCAPTCHA, hijacking TCP, deceiving computer vision and attacking on biometric authentication; but also learn the latest research results on cyber vulnerabilities from top experts, […]

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GeekPwn Cybersecurity Contest U.S. 2018 Launch

GeekPwn is held by the security team KEEN, since 2014. It’s an international contest platform for security geeks to show their potential and passion. The projects at GeekPwn are of no limitation. In past GeekPwn events, different kinds of smart devices and systems like machine learning classifier, voiceprint identification systems, Smart phone, Drone, Robot, fingerprint recognition, smart home, […]

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